About Novamecanica – History

Novamecanica began operations in 1998 with 3 employees in a small workshop with a couple of milling and turning machines. Our first clients are well known companies from the airplane maintenance and production industry.

Within five years the company grew to over 50 employees. The number of machines has been extended accordingly (c.a. 40 machines). Our client base has been expanded as well. In addition to our key clients, other clients from the airplane maintenance and production industry and clients from other industries have been gained.

Novamecanica is now an important company in the region providing employment for 130 employees. As demand for Novamecanica’s high quality components has grown, production capabilities have been expanded.  The company now has an installed base of more than 80 different types of machines. Our customers are active in the Airplane production industry as well as the Pharmaceutical, Food, Packaging, and Railway sectors.

Novamecanica plans to continue developing with targeted investments in staff and equipment in order to increase competitiveness and to further expand capacity to meet growing demand.


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